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"Our philosophy with rumors is at least they are talking about us...but its kind of irrelevant sometimes weather they are true or not." -Marilyn Manson

On this page, most of the rumors heard about Marilyn Manson are posted. I know for a fact 99.99% of them are NOT true. You may believe whatever you choose. You may be surprised by how stupid and sick these rumors sound, what can I say? People love to gossip.
Rumors that are 100% lies:
-He removed his bottom two ribs to be able to 'orally grasp' himself.
-Lights his pubic hair on fire.
-Jacks off onstage all the time.
-Marilyn Manson has gone 'mainstream'.
-Played Paul on "Wonder Years".
-Marilyn Manson got breast implants.
-Marilyn Manson beats his mom.
-Changed sex at 15.
-Real name is Florence.
-Sexually active with Trent Reznor.
-Sucks his dick while his parents are in the audience.
-The guy that played Obi-Wan Kenobi is Manson's grandpa. /span
-Marilyn enjoys orgasms with his grandfather with toy trains on.
-Ripped a fetus out of a pregnant women onstage.





-About the T.V shows and the ribs...

"Ya know I've never seen that show in my life [Mr. Belevedere]. I think it started out with the Wonder Years and said I was on that. And then they said I took out my ribs so I could perform oral sex on myself. But if I could perform oral sex on myself, I wouldn't be on the Wonder Years chasing Winnie Cooper." - Marilyn Manson (meaning he didn't do any of those things)


-He has a 13 year old daughter

This one could be true, but im not really sure.. If you have read his auto-biography you'll realize that he has had a lot of un-safe sex and has gotten a few women pregnant. Unless they got abortions or had a miscarriage, I bet he has a few kids somewhere in this world.


-He removed his eye and testicle and switched them, That's why one eye is a different color

Man, this rumor is so fucking stupid its not even funny. His eye is a different color because he got a contact!


-He nails chickens to the wall and throws puppies and cats into the mosh pit refusing to sing unless they are crushed

This and all the other animal rumors are probably the results from the "snappy"(no j/k josh)chicken incident that happened at a concert in Texas a couple years ago. The band had the chicken in a cage on stage and it got out and fell into the mosh pit. The chicken managed to get out of the mosh pit alive - with only a few feathers missing.


-He cut off his earlobes

Well, in his autobiography Manson says he had large droopy earlobes as a kid and through high school. They really pissed him off. So when he got rich n shit he had them surgically removed, well part of them.


-He died of a drug addiction.

Yeah he's dead, that's why he just came out with a new album.


-He does drugs because his eyes are different color.

As I said before, his eyes are a different color because he wears a contact. He does drugs anyways.


-Shirley Manson, of the Garbage, is his sister.

No. Shirley is from Scotland, and Manson is from USA, and Marilyn Manson's real name isn't even Marilyn Manson, its Brian Warner.


-He is really a woman.

He admits he may look like a woman sometimes. But hes not, when he was growing up his dad was never around and his mom treated him like a mama's boy. And plus, I know for a fact he's a male, there is a nude picture of him on the internet somewhere. Don't ask us about it. You will NOT find it here.

-He played Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
No. That is just a silly rumor. It probebly started because of Marilyn Manson's earlier songs like "Dope Hat".

"I gave them credit for creativity though" -Marilyn Manson



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